Exclusive : interview ben and ben



ben – ben Hello, how are you? We will immediately familiar terms, it will do more relaxed. What do you think?

ben – ben Hello. I’m fine and you? Okay for tu, in fact it will do more at home.

ben – We’ll start right away this interview, I said that we are in your office, and it’s very quiet.

ben – Yes, I need to be a little quiet to work. That’s why I isolate myself to do it. As a creative monster, I give myself the right to be alone. It’s like that.

ben – So first things first, it’s better … What was your background?

ben – I was born a few years ago now in the Ardennes, in the pretty town of Revin, northern France, on March 22. My mother and father were present. At the time I was happy. My parents also, I think.

The first word of my sire was « I am your father » … The legend began here. Americans have only copy.

I spend the episodes I, II and III to arrive directly to Episode IV.

After studying more than winded, even not very encouraging for the future, I must give a few months of my life to the Nation and I will do my time in the air force (one), where I did not off from my chair as secretary … in a training center.

It is in these dirt office, I found my way … No, I would not be military, I do not like the uniforms, and I was a bad soldier for 10 months. On reflection, it’s almost a pride.

I met in my office a graphic designer. Oh my dear !!

After listening to him and have completed the paperwork that would allow it to go sweet home, we met and he told me about his job.

So I, shortly after my release from national service began training to learn desktop publishing tools. I was soon employed by a small agency in Charleville, where I learned the hard way, the profession of graphic. I did the same graphic 100 times, repeating the rought all night …

Later I went through other agencies, a start-up, Senegal, Djibouti, Paris, Charleville-Mezieres, Neuilly sur Seine (nice land, who lived the famous Nicolas Sarkozy, yes Madame) …

ben – What are the disadvantages / advantages of your job?

ben – The benefits are numerous, well … The biggest advantage for me is that every day is different, in my profession. This is not a repetitive job.

The disadvantages? I’m with.

ben – What would you recommend to young …?

ben – Make love, not war.  Peace, boy… Otherwise, if you, youth, you want to do this job, hang yourself, and be brave. And also, grow your own eye, he’s crude, for now, but you have to refine it. look at everything all the time… It’s free up the cash.

Remains humble, do not believe it all happened when you manage a nice project … Put yourself always in question, and look around you! If not hurry up, it will soon be the end of the world it seems …

ben – Why did you choose this profession?

ben – And why not? Just kidding, I’ve always said that my job would be to draw. I do.

ben – Do you have a relationship with Gerard Philippe (Famous french actor) (French joke, sorry)?

ben – Yes this is my father. How do you know?


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